Custom and Partial Custom Work

Although we can sometimes produce specifically-requested videos or other materials without any cost, that depends on the degree to which what is requested is deemed marketable. We do have to try to recover the costs of making these things. If you are looking for something specific in a scene, but that something is likely to reduce the marketability of the scene to others, then it falls into the category of a partial-custon or full-custom scene.

A partial-custom scene is one for which the cost of production is partially paid by the client (you). The cost to the client might be as little as simply providing the wardrobe or other desired element or it may be higher. Generally, the client for this kind of scene gets to have their desired element appear but does not get to specify other details.

A full-custom scene is one for which the cost of production is fully, or almost fully, paid for by the client. The client gets to specify any details they wish. Normally, the copyright and all other rights to this kind of scene remain with Studio 588, although that can be negotiated.

If you have the desire to have either kind of custom scene produced, the process works as follows:

First, make contact with in which you provide as much detail as possible about what you want. Follow up promptly to the replies that follow. It may take several rounds of messages to get a solid idea of what you want. Eventually, you will be sent a complete proposal for a scene,  including a cost figure. At that point you can accept the proposal or ask for a change. Note that any change will likely mean a change to the cost as well. When you are satisfied with all details of a proposal (which must be entirely within what is stated in a single message), you can accept it and send the needed funds. No work will be carried out until funds are received.

In developing an idea for a custom scene, please bear in mind that costs can escalate rapidly as details are added or the scene becomes more complex. Scenes featuring more performers, topless scenes, scenes with specific dialogue, scenes requiring specific actresses, and scenes requiring multiple settings all cost more than the alternatives; sometimes a LOT more. Also, custom scenes for which the necessary conversation to produce the proposal all takes place well in advance of filming will be less expensive than scenes negotiated at the last minute.