Tales of Quicksand

Volume 38

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Blowgun_Sara, Sara James  343

Sara is supposed to meet a photographer for a photo shoot but instead is shot with a poisoned blowgun. When she wakes up she is suspended by a vine in a pit of deep mud.

The Herpetologist, Stefani Jaymes   346

Stefani Jaymes plays a herpetologist searching for rare snakes. She finds, and bags one, but is so intent on finding another she blunders into a pit of quicksand.

Muddy Justice_Stefani, Stefani Jaymes   345

Stefani is married to a drunken loser who thinks SHE needs to get a job. Eventually, she kills him with a frying pan and then tries to dispose of the body in a nearby quicksand pit. Needless to say, the rope to the weight fouls on her foot.

Holly's First Time, Holly   341

Holly is introduced to deep mud and to quicksand scenes.

Dr. Phillip's Smoking Clinic,  Natalie Minx   344

Natalie seeks help with a smoking addiction and is given a prescription. She is warned about vivid and strange dreams as a side effect but takes them anyway. In fact she takes an extra one.

Jordana's Sink tease, Jordana   340

Jordana does her interpretation of the sink (and strip) tease.

Das Boots_Manchester, Manchester  348

Manchester plays a hiker who encounters a pair of very nice boots stuck in a peat bog. She tries to  rescue them but is soon stuck herself.

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